Notice Board

  • 1st swarnaprasan for children from birth to 16 yrs is going to held on Dt. 15.12.2019 at Govt. ayurvedic college, Tulsinagar balangir
  • 2nd swarnaprasan for children from birth to 16 yrs is going to held on Dt. 12.01.2020 at Govt. ayurvedic college, Tulsinagar balangir
  • 3rd swarnaprasan for children from birth to 16 yrs is going to held on Dt. 08.02.2020 at Govt. ayurvedic college, Tulsinagar balangir

Welcome to our website

The Govt Ayurvedic College Balangir is one among the three ayurvedic colleges of Odisha and oldest Ayurvedic Institute of Western Odisha. This college was established on 05.05.1975 under private Management with an active initiation of the eminent citizens of balangir. It was taken over by the govt of Orissa with effect from 01.07.1984. The college has 9.141 Acres of land of its own and also functioning in its own building.

This college is situated at Tulsi Nagar of Balangir on the way of Circuit House, 02 KM distance from Balangir road railway station and 02 KM away from Balangir Govt Bus stand. At a distance of 90 KMs the historical Gandhamardhan Mountain Range and Chausathi Yogini Shrine, Ranipur Jharial are situated towards west and south of this institution respectively.

Principal's Note

Quality assurance in Ayurvedic education is a novelty since four decades. Today Ayurvedic education has become an integral part of the medical sciences which is accepted globally. Stimulated leadership, staff-student involment and responsibilities, accountability initiated a paradigm shift in quality assurance in Ayurvedic education. By adopting quality culture/ work culture/academic growth an effective teaching learning process is essential mission of our College. The vision of our college visualizes to build the moral character of students through internal development of their personality and make them responsible citizens by rendering medical services to the society in future. To promote Ayurvedic education in medical science and technology for students of Odisha and outside. Let us come forward to turn as a centre of excellence.

Enter here to learn and go forth to serve.

College Information Museum & Dissection Hall Laboratory


The Deptt. Of Dravyaguna , Rasashastra, Rachana Sharira , Kriya Sharira are having their Departmental museum , which are being utilized for the study purpose of the students. Various specimens, charts, models etc. are arranged in the departmental museum for the reference of the students.

Dissection Hall

There is a dissection hall in the college premises attached to the Deptt. Of Rachana Sharira(Anatomy). The students in their 1st Prof.BAMS class learn the dissection of cadavers for the practical knowledge in Anatomy as per availability of unclaimed dead body.

There is a college laboratory. Though it is not full fledged as per the CCIM norm, the students of 1st Prof. & 2nd Prof. BAMS are achieving practical knowledge in Physiology and Pathology in this laboratory. Various routine examinations, Bio-chemical examinations are being carried out in the laboratory. Patients of Outdoor and Indoor are also getting benefit from this laboratory. Separate set up of Pathology laboratory and Physiology laboratory is required as per CCIM norm for the teaching purpose of the students and also for various investigations of the patients. Also at least Rs.20,000/-per year may be sanctioned to purchase the chemicals which will be used in this laboratory for better teaching of the students. Three rooms has been constructed on the 1st floor of old building of the College for the purpose of laboratory.